I played 3 amazing games today and my total IR actually reduced! WTH??!

If that the question you got, please refer to the following example. Lets consider 4 days of games and avg IR as shown below:

Day Avg IR
1 1.9
2 0.5
.. ..
30 1.6
31 1.7

Ignoring other days and considering last 30 days IR,
your avg IR on 30th is (1.6+0.5+1.9)/3 = 1.33
your avg IR on 31st is (1.7+1.6+0.5)/3 = 1.26

Even if you had a better average on 31st compared to 30th, your average reduced as you had a really bad day on 2nd. The idea is to have a consistently good IR.

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