Welcome semi-pro and pro gamers to SoStronk – India’s first online eSports ecosystem

We are really looking forward to working with all of you eSport enthusiasts in this alpha to help tweak and improve our system. We apologise for the
delay in the launch of the alpha but it was a necessity to make sure that you guys have a smooth gaming experience on our system. Go crazy with the site, app as well as the server system. Test everything, be extremely critical and speak your mind.

We are here to listen and work with YOU guys to make the best gaming environment possible.

We are all ex-competitive gamers ourselves so be assured that our focus will always be on the gamers. Utilise the forums to post any suggestions, feedback or bugs. Try to be as detailed as possible when making new threads so that we can work quickly to meet your needs.

We have major plans for the year 2015 and these are just the first baby steps so stay tuned and hopefully with your feedback help us make 2015 a great year for Indian eSports.

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