action_label: Play Versus!
action_url: sostronk://versuslobby/new

Versus Mode is now live on SoStronk! You can now challenge your friends to 1v1 and 2v2 game modes in 128 tick goodness!

2v2 Versus Mode (Wingman):

Invite your friends into the 2v2 lobby and play in custom versions of well known maps in fast paced 2v2 action! The rules are simple: first side to get 10 rounds win! (MR18 ruleset)

In order to prevent any lull in the action, once a match is complete, you can type .again to replay the same map or type .map to select a new map for the next game with the same players.

1v1 Versus Mode:

This is the classic 1v1 mode, where your aim does all the talking. Choose from a wide variety of aim maps to duel against your opponent with your weapon of choice!

Similar to the 2v2 mode we have added .again and .map to replay the same map or select a new one.

MatchMaking fixes

We’ve fixed a bug where when many people were searching the search queue used to get stuck for a while until it got reset.

Minor fixes

Matches history now loads for everyone on their more matches tab.

We have also re-introduced trial subscription but for 3 days for new players to try out.

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