As part of the ongoing portal evolution over here at SoStronk, we are excited to announce the all new and improved User Profile Page.

It’s always been one of our core beliefs in SoStronk that design should always be ahead of development. This page has been designed while keeping in mind all the upcoming features in the SoStronk pipeline; namedrops obscure feature hints such as Badge Progression, Experience based reward systems, Verified Teams & Players, Impact Rating Evolution, Trophies and many, many more.

Feature List:

Impact Breakdown Pie Chart

In one quick snap, someone can know what TYPE of player you are? Are you mostly an entry fragger? Do you do better late rounds (post plant)? Are you just a useless baiting anchor?

Ranks Showcase

In the previous page (pre-matchmaking), your rank did not take center-stage, now it does. Everyone will know if you are a COCK or a PUGMASTER.

Adjusted Colors To Increase Readability & Lower Contrast.

“So pretty”

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