Update (1 July 2017)

The updated IR site is at http://www.sostronk.com/ir

The below information is mostly outdated, but left here for posterity.

Outdated information below

To know what Impact Rating is first, head on over to our previous blog post explaining it.

We at SoStronk are not the type to remain complacent and rest on our laurels. With todays update, we’ve revamped our backend and ensured that the stats are more reliable and also help make our servers more robust. With these changes also come some tweaks to our Impact Rating.

One reason we designed the Impact Rating was to reflect a player’s performance based on the ‘impact’ frags/plays he makes in a game. In order to better reflect a player’s performance we have made a few key changes in the way IR is calculated. One of the main changes made is the newly added round win/loss multiplier & the match win/loss multiplier. This will lead to a markedly different Impact Rating based on whether you won or loss a round/match.

Now, when you win a round, your IR for that round will be multiplied by a factor of 1.2; and if you lose a round it will be multiplied by 0.8. Likewise for a match win/loss, your IR for that match will multiplied by a factor be 1.1 & 0.9 respectively.

Another big change will be the Clutch Scenario weightage. A clutch will only count if you manage to win the round, and the weightages have also been changed.

The rest remains the same, as can be seen in the simple infographic below. We hope this newer, improved version of our Impact Rating will be a clearer indicator of your impact in any game you play on SoStronk!

enter a alt img name IR 2.0.png

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