It’s been a while since our update, but we’re back with a number of new features! While we are fully focused on developing our anti-cheat, testing and releasing it, we have to also parallelly work on high priority features & fixes that our user base needs.

Read on below with some major as well as minor changes on SoStronk!

Rank Reset

We have pushed out some major changes as to how rank changes work. Going forth your rank up/down will be dependent not just on wins and losses but your impact on the game as well. This will not just have the ranks be an accurate representation of a user’s skill level but also help in providing more balanced matches in matchmaking PUGs.

Check out our Rank Reset blog to read up in more detail about this.

Next Leaderboard Changes

We’ve also made some changes to how the Next Leaderboard works. You can read in more detail about it here.

The main points are:

  • The SEA and Indian Next Leaderboards will be merged into one
  • Only the top 1 of the Gold Leaderboard will be added to Next on a 2 week trial basis
  • Players who don’t comply with the Next guidelines will be summarily removed

Invalidating PUGs where Player is Banned

As part of our efforts to release an AntiCheat, when a player is banned for cheating either during or after a PUG, all of the cheater’s recent PUGs are invalidated for all people involved. (last 30 days)

Since the PUG is considered corrupt – neither the IR nor the Win-Loss is counted for any of the players in the PUG.

Tournament Page Changes

Upon feedback we have received from various users, we’ve made some changes to our tournament portal.

Now, when you go to our tournament page, all the live and upcoming tournaments will be listed and navigation has been improved. You can use the filters in order to filter out tournaments based on region or time.

If you want to go see all the tournaments on SoStronk you can head over to

That’s it for this update. We have some big ones coming up by the end of this month. Keep your eyes peeled!


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