As with every game, there are those who look to abuse the game and ruin it for others. And hence, we have a ban system in place.

In order to clarify how the ban system works on SoStronk; we’re going to detail it here. This will also be up on our FAQ very shortly.

Cheating Ban: Cheating of any kind leads to a Permanent Ban. Now this is not just limited to using a software to gain an advantage over your opponents. Cheating can also be considered as using any means to gain an upper hand including ghosting/screening.

Griefing Ban: Anyone who griefs in game. This can vary in duration depending on the level of griefing and on repeat offenses, from a week to a year. Griefing can constitute:

  • Being AFK on purpose and avoiding the auto kick
  • Not playing the objective of the game
  • Purposely obstructing your teammates from playing normally
  • Giving call outs to the opposition
  • Any action which is construed as not in the spirit of the game

Malicious Activity: Anyone who does the following:

  • IR Farming: Trying to top leaderboards by manipulating the system
  • Trying to abuse loopholes in the System for their advantage (for XP, SoStronk points, leaderboard standings, etc)
  • Knowingly queuing with Cheaters

This list will be updated as and when we deem fit. The bans can range from 1 week to a year or even more.

Website Abuse: Anyone who abuses any loophole on the SoStronk website. This can include payment scams, abusing the ambassador program, etc. The bans can range from 1 week to a year or even more depending on the severity.

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