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Fixing the ranks and matchmaking

It’s been a while since we have made any drastic tweaks to our matchmaking system since the last major update. We have introduced a new anti-cheat which is working exceptionally well at the moment, albeit few hiccups on launch. We are confident that we will sort out those issues in the coming weeks. We will reserve the stats and progress […]

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Revamped Leaderboard

SoStronk Leaderboard has been updated with some major and some minor changes to ensure that the leaderboards are something that is enjoyable for everyone – cocks to honey badgers. As before the leaderboards are still divided into three tiers: Bronze, Silver & Gold. However, with the new update, now your placement on the leaderboard division is based on your SoStronk […]

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Rush Mode & Map Veto

RUSH MODE We all know that one guy who wants to Rush B , why hate him? we are all guilty of doing it. Why rush any site ? Is it because you don’t like to waste time? or maybe complicated execute strategies aren’t for you. Heck! Maybe you just want to put the fear of god into the poor […]

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SoStronk App In Different Languages!

In our never-ending quest to provide the best possible platform for you to play on, SoStronk is proud to announce that we now have multiple Asian languages enabled in the App! With the newest update, you have the following language options for you to pick from on the App: English Vietnamese Japanese Indonesian Thai Simplified Chinese (CN) Traditional Chinese (HK) […]

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Revamped Profile Page

We promised you that we’ve been working on trying to improve every facet of your experience on SoStronk. We got a plethora of features almost ready to be launched, but first to give you a taste of what to expect in the ​very​ near future, we proudly present the new and improved profile page. While you might notice a few […]

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SoStronk App Updates Release Notes

(27 October) cfeda0ed Finally fixed a crash that happened when a new server was launched Automatically login when buying tokens via the app Login window can be moved (23 October) 0e824662 Lootboxes will disappear after they’re opened Fixed chat during PUG map veto Fixed party composition indicator during PUG map veto (22 October) ba12e0df Fixed a bug in Stash that was preventing Lootboxes from showing up. Thanks TenZera! User profile links from various places in the app. Thanks Dragg! Its no longer funny to kick yourself from PUG party 🙁 Fixes for group chat in Lobbies (11 October) 068c1e1f Fixed incorrect forfeit time showing for some matches Fixed lootbox notification not responding to clicks (30 September) 69a6fc61 Show only Practice […]

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Server Wizard

The SoStronk team believes that the power should be with the gamers. Which is why we have been focusing on personalisation, customisation and user-created services. One of our proudest USP’s is the docker based Server Wizard. This server wizard on our app allows gamers to launch and admin their own 128 tick servers. PUG Mode If an individual gamer simply […]