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‘Tis the time to be jolly!

Well, it’s that time of the year again where it’s all merry and joy. We’re here to add to that! 😉 This holiday season, SoStronk is doing something special. Actually, its 2 things. Rake in extra benefits with our Special Discount Coupon ‘XMAS10‘ for an additional 10% off of all our subscription packs! Psssstt….the coupon is valid from 25th Dec […]

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How To Register On SoStronk

This short article will take you through the s1mple process of registering yourself on SoStronk. Visit and you should reach our landing page, you can sign up on that page or close it and onn the top right of the page you should see a ‘Login/Register’ button. Go ahead and click on it. Now you can switch over to […]

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Cooldown Feature Announcement

The voices of the masses have been heard and we are happy to announce the implementation of Cooldown in our PUG servers. This is an essential feature which is aimed at making sure our dedicated users are no longer plagued by rage quitters and leavers. The Cooldown duration is currently only for 30 minutes, however we will be implementing stacked […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL How to participate in live giveaways? Its quite simple: Have liked the SoStronk Facebook page: Have followed SoStronk’s Twitter: Have subscribed to SoStronk’s YouTube channel: Connect your Steam ID with the SoStronk Alias Enter your Steam Trade URL in your profile page Watch the stream live at Pray to the luck gods! The more the […]