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Matchmaking Update 2

This is the much needed follow up to our previous blog where the ranks were reset. We have been regularly analysing our rank  data over the past two months to find out areas where the system could be improved upon. Based on our findings, there were two areas that needed improvement: Lobby changes/Modifiers and Rank Ranges. Before we begin – […]

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Fixing the ranks and matchmaking

It’s been a while since we have made any drastic tweaks to our matchmaking system since the last major update. We have introduced a new anti-cheat which is working exceptionally well at the moment, albeit few hiccups on launch. We are confident that we will sort out those issues in the coming weeks. We will reserve the stats and progress […]

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Ranks Revamped

We’ve listened to your feedback and have a few crucial changes which will positively affect your matchmaking experience on SoStronk. NOTE: All Ranks will be RESET on 15 February 2018, 0830 IST (UTC+0530) This is to maximize the impact of the following changes on ranks. Note that your leaderboard ranks will remain same for this month. As usual, your next […]

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Rank Reset

When we launched ranked matchmaking, we had initially only taken wins & losses into factor for a player’s rank. Over the months, this lead to a scenario where players were getting unintentionally ‘boosted’. This means that players were ranking up despite not contributing enough to the win. In order to ameliorate this, we have made a substantial change to how […]