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neXt Captain Sorting

Captain sorting is now live for Next PUGs! Two players are randomly assigned as captains and will get to pick the players they want on their side alternately. This is the first major change in SoStronk Next and we have many more on the horizon including but not limited to map veto, side selection, etc. Want to play in Next […]

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SoStronk Next

SoStronk Next is your opportunity to play with the best CS:GO players in Asia, get noticed and of course win cash prizes! What is SoStronk Next? SoStronk Next is an exclusive monthly PUG league for the best players in Asia. The players will only Solo Q, and will play only against each other to see who can top the Next […]

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SoStronk Ranked Matchmaking

Tired of getting completely sh*t on by super try hard players who headshot you with a Mag7 before you’re able to figure out what WASD does? Tired of 16-0ing hapless noobitos and want more of a challenge? Well, your frustrations be a thing of the past! In less than 24 hours we are going live with the spanking new SoStronk […]

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New Stacked Cooldown

We all hate leavers and rage quitters who ruin the general experience of PUG games. In order to prevent this from happening and to punish people who willingly quit PUGs, we have a stacked cooldown feature implemented. If you disconnect while the match is live, a timer starts and you have 3 minutes to join back into the the game. […]

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Here’s your chance to play PUGs on SoStronk and win some exciting skins! Starting 21:00 SGT (+8 GMT) Friday (27th November) till 03:00 SGT (+8 GMT) Monday (30th November), SoStronk will be running the PUG N’ WIN competition on our Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong servers only. We are giving away a StatTrak AWP | HyperBeast FT and a Shadow […]

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PUG Page Is Live!

We know many of you have been waiting for this, and we’re very proud to announce that the PUG page is live! While a few features like SSTK Rating (which is going to be massive!), ratings graph, heat maps and a couple of other features are coming very soon, the PUG page is live with a plethora of stats and […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL How to participate in live giveaways? Its quite simple: Have liked the SoStronk Facebook page: Have followed SoStronk’s Twitter: Have subscribed to SoStronk’s YouTube channel: Connect your Steam ID with the SoStronk Alias Enter your Steam Trade URL in your profile page Watch the stream live at Pray to the luck gods! The more the […]

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Server Wizard

The SoStronk team believes that the power should be with the gamers. Which is why we have been focusing on personalisation, customisation and user-created services. One of our proudest USP’s is the docker based Server Wizard. This server wizard on our app allows gamers to launch and admin their own 128 tick servers. PUG Mode If an individual gamer simply […]