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SoStronk Ties Up With Tryhard.GG

Playing on SoStronk is about trying to be the best. Where the crème de la crème of Indian CS:GO battle each other to be king. With so many players trying as hard as possible to top the leaderboards, it’s only fitting that we partner up with ! is an esports rewards platform aimed at giving casual everyday gamers […]

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Revamped Leaderboard

SoStronk Leaderboard has been updated with some major and some minor changes to ensure that the leaderboards are something that is enjoyable for everyone – cocks to honey badgers. As before the leaderboards are still divided into three tiers: Bronze, Silver & Gold. However, with the new update, now your placement on the leaderboard division is based on your SoStronk […]

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Next Quality Control

When we started SoStronk Next our goal was to create a high tier environment for the best players in Asia to compete against each other and for up and coming talent to get noticed and nurtured. As such, it has been a learning experience for us over the past 7 months with some hiccups along the way. In this blog […]

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Leaderboard Rating

action_label: Leaderboard Rating! action_url: New year, new leaderboard. Ever since we launched the leaderboard system for our users, we have been observing and taking notes as to what to improve and fix. After reviewing the collected data and discussing internally, we have modified the way the SoStronk leaderboards work. Going forth, your standings on the leaderboard will be determined […]

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neXt Captain Sorting

Captain sorting is now live for Next PUGs! Two players are randomly assigned as captains and will get to pick the players they want on their side alternately. This is the first major change in SoStronk Next and we have many more on the horizon including but not limited to map veto, side selection, etc. Want to play in Next […]

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SoStronk Next

SoStronk Next is your opportunity to play with the best CS:GO players in Asia, get noticed and of course win cash prizes! What is SoStronk Next? SoStronk Next is an exclusive monthly PUG league for the best players in Asia. The players will only Solo Q, and will play only against each other to see who can top the Next […]

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Leaderboards 2.0 & Revised Impact Rating

We have been listening to feedback, looking at the problems in the existing leaderboard system as well as planning for the very near future. With that in mind, we are very proud to announce leaderboards 2.0. We hope to address the following problems: Leaderboard 2.0 Problem Leaderboards activity slowly diminishing as the prize distribution was very low and only to […]

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SoStronk Points De_constructed

UPDATES (April 13, 2017): The 2x point reward bonus does not apply during the trial period SoStronk points are virtual points that you can earn through various ways by playing on the SoStronk platform. These points can be redeemed on the SoStronk Marketplace for weapon skins, hardware & prizes. Normal Subscribers get a 2X multiplier while Lifetime Subscribers get a […]

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SoStronk is proud to announce that we are finally out of Beta! We had a dream to create the best damn platform for CS:GO players out there and we have taken a giant step towards that goal. Through numerous ups and downs, obstacles and disappointments we are finally ready to unleash the full potential of our platform crafted with love, […]

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Frag N’ Win

FRAG N’ WIN!!! We’re giving away a brand new AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge (Factory New) to the player with the highest number of Kill Points in PUGs! Basically we are awarding points based on the number of frags per round. It is an exponential calculation based on the difficulty of the frags. A single kill and a double kill would have […]