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Why did my IR go down?

I played 3 amazing games today and my total IR actually reduced! WTH??! If that the question you got, please refer to the following example. Lets consider 4 days of games and avg IR as shown below: Day Avg IR 1 1.9 2 0.5 .. .. 30 1.6 31 1.7 Ignoring other days and considering last 30 days IR, your avg IR on 30th is (1.6+0.5+1.9)/3 = 1.33 your avg IR on 31st is (1.7+1.6+0.5)/3 = 1.26 Even if you had a better average on 31st compared to 30th, your average reduced as you had a really bad day on 2nd. The idea is to have a consistently good IR.

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Leaderboard Rating

action_label: Leaderboard Rating! action_url: New year, new leaderboard. Ever since we launched the leaderboard system for our users, we have been observing and taking notes as to what to improve and fix. After reviewing the collected data and discussing internally, we have modified the way the SoStronk leaderboards work. Going forth, your standings on the leaderboard will be determined […]

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Leaderboards 2.0 & Revised Impact Rating

We have been listening to feedback, looking at the problems in the existing leaderboard system as well as planning for the very near future. With that in mind, we are very proud to announce leaderboards 2.0. We hope to address the following problems: Leaderboard 2.0 Problem Leaderboards activity slowly diminishing as the prize distribution was very low and only to […]