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‘Tis the time to be jolly!

Well, it’s that time of the year again where it’s all merry and joy. We’re here to add to that! 😉 This holiday season, SoStronk is doing something special. Actually, its 2 things. Rake in extra benefits with our Special Discount Coupon ‘XMAS10‘ for an additional 10% off of all our subscription packs! Psssstt….the coupon is valid from 25th Dec […]

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SoStronk Points De_constructed

UPDATES (April 13, 2017): The 2x point reward bonus does not apply during the trial period SoStronk points are virtual points that you can earn through various ways by playing on the SoStronk platform. These points can be redeemed on the SoStronk Marketplace for weapon skins, hardware & prizes. Normal Subscribers get a 2X multiplier while Lifetime Subscribers get a […]

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SoStronk is proud to announce that we are finally out of Beta! We had a dream to create the best damn platform for CS:GO players out there and we have taken a giant step towards that goal. Through numerous ups and downs, obstacles and disappointments we are finally ready to unleash the full potential of our platform crafted with love, […]

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The Stake Just Got Higher

Double the prize money We had set modest targets when we kicked off the KOTH #1 tournament last week. But because of the overwhelming response we have had to format, we have decided to raise the stakes. And that by 110% For the Indian eSports community, we are increasing the prize pool to a cool Rs. 1,50,000/- per month (cash, […]

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The SoStronk team realises that all us gamers are fascinated by statistics. It is the primary way to measure our skill level and see how we match up against our peers. It also allows us to be retrospective and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of our games. We have decided to bring you a statistics module that will truly take […]