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Leagues and Cups

SoStronk along with our sponsors will be providing large prize funded tournaments/cups/daily events as well as seasonal leagues throughout 2015. Prizes will range from in game skins, hardware prizes to large cash prizes for the leagues and tournaments. Once the core features have been tested by you gamers we will be adding the scheduling system. This system will automate the […]

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The SoStronk team realises that all us gamers are fascinated by statistics. It is the primary way to measure our skill level and see how we match up against our peers. It also allows us to be retrospective and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of our games. We have decided to bring you a statistics module that will truly take […]

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Welcome semi-pro and pro gamers to SoStronk – India’s first online eSports ecosystem We are really looking forward to working with all of you eSport enthusiasts in this alpha to help tweak and improve our system. We apologise for the delay in the launch of the alpha but it was a necessity to make sure that you guys have a […]