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Matchmaking Update 2

This is the much needed follow up to our previous blog where the ranks were reset. We have been regularly analysing our rank  data over the past two months to find out areas where the system could be improved upon. Based on our findings, there were two areas that needed improvement: Lobby changes/Modifiers and Rank Ranges. Before we begin – […]

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App 3.0 Release

This is a BIG update. We’ve been working on this for a while now, and while a few features are still in the oven, we’re very excited to finally unveil the latest version of our app – SoStronk App 3.0! If you don’t have the app, you can download it from Apart from just a visual overhaul and an […]

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What is Karma? Definition – [noun] – the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. As in life, the counter-strike experience is filled with all sorts of people and experiences – some good and some bad. Our support pages have been inundated with multiple reports of griefers, […]

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SoStronk Launches Delhi Server

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally happened! We’re happy to announce that we have launched SoStronk servers in New Delhi for our North Indian user base. We know we’ve had a massive number of users from up north in the country who are dedicated users and have been so for years. This is our little thank you […]

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SoStronk Ties Up With Tryhard.GG

Playing on SoStronk is about trying to be the best. Where the crème de la crème of Indian CS:GO battle each other to be king. With so many players trying as hard as possible to top the leaderboards, it’s only fitting that we partner up with ! is an esports rewards platform aimed at giving casual everyday gamers […]

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Why did my IR go down?

I played 3 amazing games today and my total IR actually reduced! WTH??! If that the question you got, please refer to the following example. Lets consider 4 days of games and avg IR as shown below: Day Avg IR 1 1.9 2 0.5 .. .. 30 1.6 31 1.7 Ignoring other days and considering last 30 days IR, your avg IR on 30th is (1.6+0.5+1.9)/3 = 1.33 your avg IR on 31st is (1.7+1.6+0.5)/3 = 1.26 Even if you had a better average on 31st compared to 30th, your average reduced as you had a really bad day on 2nd. The idea is to have a consistently good IR.

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Minimum Hours Requirements

Ever since Valve made CS:GO free to play, there have been an influx of brand new accounts playing on SoStronk. Now, while we love having new players join us, there will always be certain elements who will try and abuse any loophole. We realized a few banned players were using the free CS:GO accounts to circumvent the ban and continue […]

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Subscribe With SoStronk Points

We’ve added subscriptions on our marketplace for you to buy with your SoStronk Points instead of using real life scrilla. You can just head over to our marketplace and buy whichever subscription package you want now with your hard earned points. This is just the beginning as we’re looking to add more stuff on our marketplace real soon! These are […]

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Ranks Revamped

We’ve listened to your feedback and have a few crucial changes which will positively affect your matchmaking experience on SoStronk. NOTE: All Ranks will be RESET on 15 February 2018, 0830 IST (UTC+0530) This is to maximize the impact of the following changes on ranks. Note that your leaderboard ranks will remain same for this month. As usual, your next […]