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Why did my IR go down?

I played 3 amazing games today and my total IR actually reduced! WTH??! If that the question you got, please refer to the following example. Lets consider 4 days of games and avg IR as shown below: Day Avg IR 1 1.9 2 0.5 .. .. 30 1.6 31 1.7 Ignoring other days and considering last 30 days IR, your avg IR on 30th is (1.6+0.5+1.9)/3 = 1.33 your avg IR on 31st is (1.7+1.6+0.5)/3 = 1.26 Even if you had a better average on 31st compared to 30th, your average reduced as you had a really bad day on 2nd. The idea is to have a consistently good IR.

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SoStronk Ranked Matchmaking

Tired of getting completely sh*t on by super try hard players who headshot you with a Mag7 before you’re able to figure out what WASD does? Tired of 16-0ing hapless noobitos and want more of a challenge? Well, your frustrations be a thing of the past! In less than 24 hours we are going live with the spanking new SoStronk […]

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SoStronk Points De_constructed

UPDATES (April 13, 2017): The 2x point reward bonus does not apply during the trial period SoStronk points are virtual points that you can earn through various ways by playing on the SoStronk platform. These points can be redeemed on the SoStronk Marketplace for weapon skins, hardware & prizes. Normal Subscribers get a 2X multiplier while Lifetime Subscribers get a […]