The SoStronk team realises that all us gamers are fascinated by statistics. It is the primary way to measure our skill level and see how we match up against our peers.

It also allows us to be retrospective and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of our games. We have decided to bring you a statistics module that will truly take your breath away!

Within the alpha period we will be slowly launching early versions of the statistics module. This post is to give you a taste of whats to come and what we are working on behind the scenes.

Dynamic View Mode

Stats Toggle

In our match page there will be an option to view your statistics dynamically. This is a highly interactive way to look at statistics and utilises visuals to show the full picture. The dynamic view mode incorporates a fully functioning interactive timeline of the match with highlighted events as well as player cards that are fully customisable for the users preferences.

Players Cards

Customisable Cards

The gamers have full control over what statistics they want to highlight on their cards. This customisation means that no one player card will be similar to another. If you want to highlight the fact that you are a headshot machine then focus on HSP% as your primary statistic. If you want to focus on how cool as ice you are during clutch situations highlight the 1vX wins that you won.

Timeline and Events

Unique Timeline View

In the dynamic view mode we will have an interactive timeline that allows gamers to highlight particular events throughout the match. If Player X just won a 1v3 he can simply click on that event on the timeline and the player cards will change to showcase who died during that event. X’s will appear over the fools who got clutched on and visuals will showcase the player that be doing the owning.


Contextual Heatmaps

One of the major features we are working on statistics is to focus on highlighting the overall ‘team statistics’ since we have noticed that most statistics tend to highlight the individual and therefore there is trouble highlighting teamwork. We believe our interactive heatmap will allow to showcase just that. We will merge the event/timeline feature with the heatmap and therefore be able to showcase actions interactively on the heatmap.

The heatmap will cover everything from map control during certain rounds, tendency to hit which bombsites, CT setups, major chokepoint engagements as well as grenade usage.

Unique Logical Stats

KennyS for the win

Due to the flexibility of our custom stats module; down the line we will be implementing extremely unique logical statistics. These would apply to each individual in the game as well as a key statistic overall to the match in question. An example of a unique statistic is “Every time KennyS got the first pick with the AWP on T side of Mirage, Titan won 80% of those rounds out of which 50% were flawless wins”

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