We all hate leavers and rage quitters who ruin the general experience of PUG games. In order to prevent this from happening and to punish people who willingly quit PUGs, we have a stacked cooldown feature implemented.

If you disconnect while the match is live, a timer starts and you have 3 minutes to join back into the the game. During these 3 mins no other person can join the PUG and your slot is reserved. However, if you don’t rejoin, a Cooldown is created and you’ll not be able to join any other PUGs till your Cooldown counter resets to Zero.

HOWEVER, keeping in mind genuine cases where people are unable to connect in 3 minutes, you can STILL reconnect to your PUG anytime and complete your game, thereby cancelling your cooldown. This is of course only possible if no one has taken your slot.

The amount of Cooldown you have will be shown on the app itself. The various levels of Cooldown are:

Level 1: 30min
Level 2: 2 hours
Level 3. 12 hours
Level 4. 24 hours
Level 5. 3 days
Level 6. 7 days

Every Cooldown increases the offense level by one level and after Cooldown expires and a clean week goes by the offense level goes down by one level. First level offenders receive a 30 min cooldown, second level = 2 hr, third level = 12 hr, fourth = 24 hr, fifth = 3 days and sixth and higher levels = 7 days.

If you got your second or third 7 day cooldown in a row this means you need to have two or three clean weeks after it expires before it goes down to offense level 5 which is penalized with a 3 day cooldown.

There will be no review for cooldown cases, so creating support tickets or posting on forums complaining about cooldowns will not be entertained.

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