To kick things off, we are partnering with our friends at L.O.T Community Servers to handle our entire server infrastructure and community related activities. This change would include a complete change of our existing admin and server team which will be handled exclusively by the L.O.T team.

While this transition is in effect, PUGs are free to play for the next few weeks.

During this free to play period, users can purchase the Elite plan for a discounted pricing of 149 INR/month and the Scrim plan for 19 INR/month and get all the features promised below when they are made available.*

This partnership will allow us to offer our subscriptions at a much lower cost along with robust team of TechOps specialists managing SoStronk’s server infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. The L.O.T team will be changing and testing various server locations on a regular basis trying to get the servers which are best for the SoStronk player base. Please be sure to give server feedback on our Discord channel.

Thats not all though, we will be working with L.O.T to introduce new features that the players will love!

Server Picker and Free Locations for Pugs

Redesigned play lobby along with Global Chat!

Redesigned Veto Lobby with Glicko2 details

These are some of the changes that will be live very soon and that’s not all. Here are complete changes planned for the coming weeks.

Future updates planned in the coming weeks

Server picker where users can filter locations specifically instead of a ping limiter while searching for a game along with free locations added where users can play for free as we test the site out for performance.

Glicko2 ratings shown on veto lobby seeing who you are playing against how the Matchmaking system is actually working.

Better matchmaking rank up mechanisms along with more transparency in Glicko2 points earned/lost per game where the player will be performance based metrics at end screen.

Marketplace and points redone with reintroduction of skins and merchandise.

Reintroduction of Next leaderboards.

Leaderboards ending every 2 weeks instead of monthly. More chance to win cash prizes and points.

Introduction of Global Chat on the app with functionality to search/invite ringers/scrim teams with user/team stats available while chatting/inviting.

Live server admin team which will join the server automatically based on excessive in-game reporting for griefers

And a lot more changes….

Subscription Model Changes*

  • One single primary Elite subscription plan for unlimited pugs/scrims/practice with automatic VIP for Rifle/Pistol/Retake L.O.T Community Servers.
  • One secondary Scrim subscription plan for unlimited scrims/practice.
  • All existing Pro users will be converted to Elite Subscription for free.
  • All existing Casual users will be given extra tokens for free.
  • The Elite plan will cost 199 INR/month for unlimited pugs/scrims/practice games along with a plethora of other features shown here.
  • The Scrim plan will cost 39 INR/month.

The tokens will still be available for purchase.

*The pricing changes will be live on 21st October 2020

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