UPDATES (April 13, 2017):

  • The 2x point reward bonus does not apply during the trial period

SoStronk points are virtual points that you can earn through various ways by playing on the SoStronk platform. These points can be redeemed on the SoStronk Marketplace for weapon skins, hardware & prizes.

Normal Subscribers get a 2X multiplier while Lifetime Subscribers get a 3X multiplier for certain points. Here’s a brief breakdown on how to get those points:

SoStronk Matchmaking – PLAY

The most fun and efficient way of earning SoStronk points is by simply playing on SoStronk using the ‘PLAY’ feature. Points will not be awarded for playing normal PUGs. Subscribers will be awarded points for every game played using the PLAY feature, it doesn’t matter if you search for a game solo or in a party.
SoStronk Subscribers get a 2X point multiplier while Lifetime Subscribers get a 3X multiplier for certain points*. Here’s a breakdown of how those points get allocated:

  • First PUG win of the day : You get 5 points as a Free User and 10 points as a Subscriber.
  • Winning a PUG : You will get 15 points but only if you are a Subscriber.
  • Losing a PUG – You will get 5 points but only if you are a Subscriber.
  • Highest IR in a PUG – You get 10 points as a Free User and 20 points as Subscriber
    (subject to change)


When you refer someone to SoStronk with the referral link and he registers himself on SoStronk using that link, as a free user, you get 100 points. Subscribers and Lifetime users will get their multiplier bonus.
Points will be awarded once the referred user connects his steam ID to his SoStronk account.
Whenever the person you referred completes his first SoStronk MatchMaking – PLAY match you get additional 500 points. If you are a Subscriber you get 1000 points!


This is a new feature which SoStronk is really excited to introduce. Events are daily and weekly contests exclusive to SoStronk. Events will be open to all but certain events will be Subscribers Only. An example of an event is ‘Race to 50 head shots with a Deagle’ in a specially created event server.
The number of points you receive on winning an event may depend on event to event. Right now it is 1000 points for Free Users and 2000 Points for Subscribers. (subject to change)


We like to celebrate and reward talent. Another feature we have introduced is Leaderboards.
Leaderboards are divided into three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
The number of points you win for topping the Leaderboards depend on which Tier you belong to.
At the end of every month the top 50 percentile of players from the each tier will be promoted to the next tier.

  • Bronze: The top 3 players of the month will receive 100000, 70000 and 50000 SoStronk Points (50000, 35000 and 25000 for Free Users)
  • Silver: TBD
  • Gold: TBD

That’s it! Fire up SoStronk and start winning points! GLHF!

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