It’s been a while since we have made any drastic tweaks to our matchmaking system since the last major update. We have introduced a new anti-cheat which is working exceptionally well at the moment, albeit few hiccups on launch. We are confident that we will sort out those issues in the coming weeks. We will reserve the stats and progress on anti-cheat for another announcement blog.

But for now let’s focus on PUG matchmaking.

We  have noticed an increased pattern in mismatched games in the last several weeks. This can be attributed to disproportionately higher numbers of PUG Masters and high ranked players, which should not be the case.  

A PUG Master is supposed to represent the best of the best. The crème de la crème of the SoStronk community. And currently the ranks don’t represent that. An unfortunate byproduct of players queuing up and pub stomping solos/duos, thereby farming wins and punishing solo/duo players. We would love to prevent stacks from playing against solos/duos completely but that is impractical, so we are addressing this issue in a slightly nuanced, less punishing manner. 

In order to address these issues, we have made the following changes which will be live by the time you read this blog.

Rank Changes

  • Rank reset across the platform : Everyone’s ranks will be reset to Silver Serpent . This is to ensure a fresh start with the new changes to make the matchmaking process normalized and not skewed as it currently stands, where we have the solo/duos stuck in the lowest spectrum of MMR hell and the 3+ lobbies in the higher end.
  • The matchmaking won’t be perfect for the first week as the ranks will be calibrated but please do trust the process. In order for other changes to be effective, this one is a must.

Changes to MMR ranges for all ranks.

  • The MMR ranges for each rank have been modified to give some gravitas to the top 3 ranks.
  • The changes will make rank up more challenging but not unattainable.

New definitions of high impact players in a losing situation

  • Our new system employs certain calculations for specific scenarios. For example: If a player has bad apples in his team and a loss is confirmed beyond doubt and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot salvage the game, we will reward him for giving his best.  Applicable only to Solos/Duos.
    • High performers IR > 1.4 * avgIR of the team
    • In this scenario a player will not be punished by the matchmaking system and will most likely not lose any MMR. He may get a loss on his stats but will live to rank up another day.
  • This is just ONE of the half-dozen calculations we do in-game to have an overall impact on the way MMR behaves. We will keep these internal for now to avoid users from “gaming” the system to get undue advantage in the grand scheme of things.
  • Remember all these factors are reserved for Solos/Duos to avoid the harsh penalties that they suffer when they face 3+ lobbies.

Changes to 3+ lobbies

  • 3+ lobbies will not get the ‘rewards’ or ‘leniency’ that is being offered to solos/duos. 
  • 3+ lobbies boosting players is one of the many reasons for the bloat in ranks we see today. From today, any player who is a low performer in that specific 3+ lobby will see harsher limits being applied to MMR changes on a win/loss scenario. Ranking up will be harder and time consuming as opposed to the current situation where all players in a 3+ stack are considered equal. 
  • Losing 3+ lobbies will not get any benefits offered to solos/duos. Penalties for losing in a 3+ stack will be much harsher than they already are. 

Matchmaking Search Duration

  • We have tweaked our search algorithm to wait a little longer to find accurately matched players. 
  • It may take longer at times but we wish to avoid new players playing against  Pugmasters. Unfortunately that is not completely avoidable but we are hopeful that the new changes will ensure stability in ranks and better match times as the ranks stabilize.
  • The only real solution to finding this balance is having a larger player base who are actively searching for matches. So tell your friends to sign up and play 🙂

Upcoming changes in the coming weeks

  • Once the ranks are normalized, Pro and Elite Subscribers will have the ability to limit their search criteria to specific ranks. If a player wishes to play with users who are closer to his rank, he can choose to do so.
  • There will be major changes to the way your rating is tracked. We used to do time based updates for your MMR rating. However, now the rating will update on a specific number of games, we will be giving this information on the MMR graph and users will be able to exactly know at what point/number of games their MMR will be updated.

Note: For leaderboard players, all players will be reset to the Silver division of the leaderboard. However, as they rank up over the next 2 weeks, on April 15th we will refresh the leaderboards and assign the players their respective divisions after the initial 2 weeks. So keep grinding and keep getting those leaderboard points, because they will carry over as well.

We really hope these changes will make your experience in SoStronk even better and are as usual open to any feedback and criticism. Feel free to visit our forums and leave your feedback, good or bad. #BeStronk

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