SoStronk is proud to announce that we are finally out of Beta! We had a dream to create the best damn platform for CS:GO players out there and we have taken a giant step towards that goal. Through numerous ups and downs, obstacles and disappointments we are finally ready to unleash the full potential of our platform crafted with love, for you.

Today marks the release of the SoStronk App v2.0 along with loads of new features and updates that we have been working on for a long time. Let’s quickly go through all of them.

SoStronk MatchMaking – Play

Play is the first iteration of SoStronk’s own MatchMaking system. It’s simple and intuitive. You can search for PUGs either by yourself or with a bunch of friends through the App.

This is the first iteration of our MM system, and as such we will be gathering data and will be refining it constantly. That means skill based MM and Ranks are up next! All of this on our super low latency 128 tick servers!

SoStronk Points

Get rewarded for every PUG you play on SoStronk with SoStronk Points! The points will be awarded based on various factors like having the highest Impact Rating in the game, playing your first PUG of the day, etc.

You can also get SoStronk points through referring a friend to play on SoStronk, participating in special
events , topping leaderboards, etc.

What do you do with these points? Well you redeem them on our…


Apart from skins to bling out your inventory, you can redeem your SoStronk Points for hardware & other goodies (coming soon) on our Marketplace! Basically you can redeem the SoStronk Points you have accumulated on our system and use it to get the weapon skin of your choice.

Although the marketplace is in Beta right now, we will be fleshing it out more in the days to come.


With our Subscription packages, you can have complete access to multiple features which will give you the ultimate SoStronk experience. Participate in exclusive events, leaderboards, play Private Scrims, priority slots, etc. Head on over to our Subscription page to read more about why you should be a SoStronk power user.

If you just want play PUGs or DM, not to worry! SoStronk PUGs will always be remain free for everyone!


Every PUG player will be placed in 3 separate leaderboards depending on their SoStronk Impact Rating. Get placed on top of the leaderboards not just for glory but to win SoStronk points and other prizes!


There will be Events which take place regularly, where you can win loads of SoStronk Points! For example: First to get 50 headshots with a Deagle in a special event server. An event will be created at certain times and all users will be notified immediately. The event will go live till a winner is found, and the winner will win a tonne of SoStronk Points.

Well what are you waiting for?! Fire up the SoStronk App and get fragging!

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