OK, so you got a bunch of friends and you want to play a 10 man, or a mix, or an impromptu scrim. What do?

With the spanking new Scrim Now you have the answer at your fingertips! Literally your left click fingertip! HEre are the super simple steps:

Step 1 Cick on the Scrim button on the SoStronk App.

enter a alt img name Capture1.PNG

Step 2 Click on Scrim Now.

enter a alt img name Capture2.PNG

Step 3 Select the map and the server location you want to play on.

Step 4 Click on the INVITE button to invite players from your friend list. Want to invite players to a specific side or want to post on a forum to get players because you’re a lonely soul with no friends? Easy. Just click on the copy invite link buttons, and share it with your friends or forum.

Step 5 Want to go full try hard and invite a coach as well? Just click on the Coach button and invite your smartest friend.

Step 6 Click on Ready Up, wait for the server to get launched, and you’re good to go!

enter a alt img name CaptureFinal.png

Less than 48 hours to go before you get to try this out!

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