In less than 72 hours, SoStronk will be releasing a plethora of new features, and one feature which we are super excited about is the Scrim Listing.

Ever been frustrated trying to find a scrim? Spamming FB groups with GOT5 every waking moment, with no one bothering to reply? We know how serious players and teams want to scrim, and yet it’s a daily chore to find scrim partners, relying on antiquated methods of networking or ‘being on the inside.’

Well, your woes are a thing of the past with the upcoming SoStronk Scrim listing! We’re going to take you through the easy steps to create your own Scrim Listing below:

Step 1 Cick on the Scrim button on the SoStronk App.

enter a alt img name Capture1.PNG

Step 2 Click on Create Listing.

enter a alt img name Capture2.PNG

Step 3 Select the map you want to play.

enter a alt img name Capture3.PNG

Step 4 In preferred lineup you will be shown all the players in your SoStronk friends list. You can select your teammates (if you have a team), or select 4 players from your friends list. You need to invite exactly 4 members (along side yourself) to create a listing.

enter a alt img name Capture4.PNG

Step 5 Select the server location and the time you want to play the scrim, and click on Create Listing. And you’re done! Your scrim listing will be available for all to see in the Scrim Centre on everyone’s App.

enter a alt img name Capture5.PNG

enter a alt img name Capture6.1.PNG

Step 6 In your Challenges tab you can see who all want to play against you. You can choose which team you want to play against. At the scheduled time, the scrim lobby will open up for your team as well as the opposing team, where you can add coaches as well!

enter a alt img name Capture7.PNG

enter a alt img name Capture8.PNG

enter a alt img name Capture9.PNG

enter a alt img name Capture10.PNG

You can also delete your scrim listing at any time, and create multiple scrim listings as well. If you have invited your team members, your team name will appear in the Scrim page, else the system will auto generate a random name for your mix team.

Simple and convenient. You can get your hands on this when we release it less than 72 hours!

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