The SoStronk team believes that the power should be with the gamers. Which is why we have been focusing on personalisation, customisation and user-created services. One of our proudest USP’s is the docker based Server Wizard.

This server wizard on our app allows gamers to launch and admin their own 128 tick servers.

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PUG Mode

If an individual gamer simply wants to experience something similar to matchmaking on our 128 tick servers they can utilise the server wizard to launch a PUG server on their map choice. Once the server is setup and filled up the
SoStronk plugin takes over and governs the match. Currently we only have random sorting enabled but we will also be implementing a captain style sorting for PUGs. We will be implementing pair functionality so you can also pair with friends/teammates while pugging. Down the line we are also going to be implementing a much quicker matchmaking mode where
with just the push of a button you can join a PUG match.

Scrim Mode

If your team wants to play against another team you can utilize the server wizard to create a scrim server and then accept/reject another team to play against. You can practice the map you want with the starting side you would like to. Once we implement our notifications system you can .invite opposing team captains and also schedule scrims in advance.

Practice Mode

Sometimes you and your teammates just want to go practice some smokes or dry run some strategies/tactics. This is where our practice mode excels. Create a server in practice mode with all the necessary tools needed to improve your game. Enable cheats, full map buy zone, no clip, impacts and go crazy on whichever map you want to. Come up with those ex6tenz style executes or simply run around and practice shooting through smokes like JW.

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