We’ve been super busy working on the anti-cheat but in the meantime have also added some cool new features and some bug fixes. Check them out below!

Scrim Wizard

It’s now much easier to create a scrim with the addition of Scrim Wizard. The Scrim wizard walks you through 3 steps before your listing is created.


  1. Map Selection : Select one of 8 competitive CS:GO maps

  2. Lineup : By default the active lineup of your existing team will be selected as your warriors in battle. The default lineup can be changed to add or remove players for that particular scrim.

  3. Schedule : Once the Map and participants are decided, the final step of creating a listing is choosing the time and place. You may choose to scrim immediately or schedule one at a later time. You will also be able to select the server site on which you wish to play.

Now, how will other teams and players know about your listing you ask?

Scrim Notifications & Discord Listings

Every SoStronk Scrimmer will now receive a notification in the app when any team creates a scrim listing. To be eligible to receive these notifications a user must have played at least 1 scrim in the past 7 days. Clicking on it will redirect the Scrimmer to the active listings page.

In addition to the app notifications, the listing will also appear as a discord notification in the official SoStronk discord server. We’ve also partnered up with CSGO2ASIA to bring scrim listings to their official #got5 channel too! Users can apply to join the members-only CSGO2ASIA discord here.

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Odin’s Minions

To further tackle the mischief of CS:GO cheaters and griefers, we have initiated the Odin Minion program. This program will act independently of the anti-cheat, but provide us an extra pair of eyes in the servers. Admins and “Overwatchers” are now recruited and tasked with finding the trouble-makers in PUGs and delivering swift justice to those who do not follow fair-play.

Anytime an Overwatcher or Admin joins a server, the following message will print when the game goes live.

enter a alt img name Desktop 2018.04.25 - (0-02-21-42).jpg

Paypal Updates & Fixes

enter a alt img name Paypal.png

Great news for those subscribing with PayPal! Recurring subscriptions can now be canceled directly from the SoStronk website. You can do this by navigating to ‘Manage Subscriptions’ from the user profile drop-down, and simply clicking the ‘Cancel’ button.

Other PayPal fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the start date for the subscription was invalid
  • Fixed a bug where users from ‘invalid PayPal countries’ would make the token invalid
  • Fixed a bug where the transaction would timeout midway

Team Activity

Lastly, a small but fun addition. Registered teams on SoStronk now have an activity battery. This badge will appear on your Team profile page, like this. You can increase your team activity by playing more Scrims or Tournament Matches on SoStronk.


Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple “accept cooldown” bugs
  • Fixed a bug where joining the lobby when a match has been found resulted in a cooldown
  • Removed back button from the pug page in the app when a match is found
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