We all know that one guy who wants to Rush B , why hate him? we are all guilty of doing it.
Why rush any site ? Is it because you don’t like to waste time? or maybe complicated execute strategies aren’t for you.
Heck! Maybe you just want to put the fear of god into the poor guy holding the site. Whatever it is, there is a some charm in blitz krieging a site with blazing guns.

What if we told you there exists a game mode based around just this. We at SoStronk are extremely excited to introduce RUSH (cue Cyberpunk theme)

The History of RUSH

To understand RUSH, we journey back circa 2000 when CS was just starting out. Competetive mode didn’t exist like we know it today.
Counter Strike itself was a mod for half-life and those who took the trouble of downloading it were left with no real game-mode. From this spawned a bunch of ideas, one of them being ‘Chargers Only’.
The concept was simple, your team has 20 mins to set a score on T side. At half time teams switch and you now have to defend that score while the opponents chase it down.
Over the years this game-mode was forgotten and has been asleep for just over 17 years. Not anymore.

What is RUSH

It’s rework of Chargers-Only balanced for CSGO. Check out our infographic here.

The Rules

  • 5v5
  • 2 halves of 10 minutes
  • Only T side rounds count
  • CT’s get a defuse kit but cannot purchase incendiary nades.
  • Both teams get $10,000 Startmoney (Oh Yeah!)
  • Round timer is 1 Minute
  • C4 Timer is 30 Seconds

Why this mode is interesting

  • NonStop action
  • Camping is pointless
  • Rotations have to be instant
  • High Risk High Reward gameplay
  • Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock (it’s not a joke)
    But this is what we think, The RUSH Meta will be decided by those playing it.

How do I play RUSH?

You know that one empty button on the app, Its now the RUSH button. Clicking on it will take you to the RUSH Lobby where you can invite upto 4 friends or just solo-que.

Is this a competetive mode?

Not as of now.
The mode was designed to be fast and fun. Each game averages about 20 mins and abandoning a game will still result in a cooldown. Maybe one day it will have a competetive scene with teams specializing in Rush-Mode but for now its just for you and your mates to have fun.

What maps are available for Rush Mode?

Active de_fuse group maps.

How do I select which map to play?

To answer that we must first introduce another feature releasing with RUSH


Starting today, all PUG games will have a map-veto screen (similar to what we do in tournaments).

Team captain for each lobby will be decided randomly if no subscriber is a part of the team.
If a Subscriber is part of the team, he will be captain for the map veto.
If multiple subscribers are part of the team, it will randomly select a captain from the subscribers.

Each captain will take turns in banning a map till one map remains. The side who didn’t get to ban the last map gets to pick sides.
Server IP will be available once a map is decided.

As with every release, we try our best to squash out most of the annoying bugs, but if you do encounter any, create a post on
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