Tired of getting completely sh*t on by super try hard players who headshot you with a Mag7 before you’re able to figure out what WASD does? Tired of 16-0ing hapless noobitos and want more of a challenge?

Well, your frustrations be a thing of the past! In less than 24 hours we are going live with the spanking new SoStronk Rank based MatchMaking!!!

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Starting tomorrow, SoStronk will be using your SoStronk ranks to find you the best matchup possible so the pros play against the pros and the noobs ..err..struggle against the noobs!

Using the Glicko-2 rating mechanism, our Ranking system factors in not just wins and losses but also your performance. In order to find your rank, you need to first play 3 placement matches. After completing your placement matches you’ll see your rank, a Wooden Chicken, a King Cobra or PUGMASTER.

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Along with the brand new look and a tonne of new features, SoStronk continues to strive to be the best damn place to play CS:GO!

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