We promised you that we’ve been working on trying to improve every facet of your experience on SoStronk. We got a plethora of features almost ready to be launched, but first to give you a taste of what to expect in the ​very​ near future, we proudly present the new and improved profile page. While you might notice a few of the features are not live yet, rest assured, our sexy dev team are literally working non stop to push out every feature you see and more.

All you have to do is head over to your profile and check out the revamped look. Of course it’s not just about cosmetic changes; we have pushed out basic stats for you which are segregated into Scrims/Matches and PUGs. We will be systematically pushing out more in depth stats very soon, alongside new revamped match pages for Scrims, matches and PUGS.

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You can see your SSTK rating on the top right side which is coming out real soon. It’s a scoring system we designed keeping various factors in mind to give you a ‘Rank’ to rate yourself amongst every other SoStronk user. You can also see your KDR, your headshot percentage, KPM (Average Kills per Match), etc. with more stats in the pipeline. These stats are segregated between scrims and PUGs, so you can have a clear picture of your performances whether you play scrims, matches or PUGs.

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You can also check out your activity feed (Coming soon!) where you can see all your activities, from social to your scrims and PUGs. And there is also a graph charting your SSTK rating over time. This will give you a clear and instant overview of your skill over time in all the SoStronk games you play.

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Here, as you can clearly see, we will be pushing out our friends feature, where you can add the friends you want to play with and makes it easier to lobby up for your games. And, now you can see all your official matches, scrims and PUG scores on your profile itself, which will take you to the respective match pages. Look out for the updated match pages not only for Scrims and tournament matches, but also for PUGs (including demos)! And the badges…well…wait for them 😉

Stay tuned for much, much bigger updates coming out very soon! As usual we are very open and welcome to feedback!

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