SoStronk Leaderboard has been updated with some major and some minor changes to ensure that the leaderboards are something that is enjoyable for everyone – cocks to honey badgers.

As before the leaderboards are still divided into three tiers: Bronze, Silver & Gold. However, with the new update, now your placement on the leaderboard division is based on your SoStronk Rank. The distribution is as follows:

  • Bronze Division – Wood Chicken, Silver Chicken, COCK, Bronze Serpent
  • Silver Division – Silver Serpent, King Cobra
  • Gold Division – Bronze Badger, Silver Badger, Honeybadger, PUGMaster

The Leaderboards are reset at the beginning of every month at midnight GMT.

Updated Requirements:

  • Only Solo or Duo Queue games will be counted to your Leaderboard entries.
  • You need to play a minimum of 30 PUGs (Matchmaking) in a month to be eligible to be placed on the Leaderboard.
  • Your Leaderboard Rating decides your placement on the leaderboard.
  • Your Leaderboard Rating is calculated using your Top 30 Impact Rating PUGs of the month in combination with your Win/Loss modifier and extra points earned by maintaining winning streaks.

Leaderboard Rating:

The new Leaderboard Rating is comprised of 3 components:

Leaderboard Rating = (Impact Rating x Win/Loss Modifier) + Win Streak Bonus

Impact Rating: This remains the same. Your top 30 Impact Rating games of the month are counted.

Win/Loss Modifier: The modifier is difference between the number of games you’ve won and lost. The difference amount will decide how much of a modifier you get.

For example: If you have 50 Won games and 30 Lost games, the difference is 20, which means you get a positive 50% modifier. However, if you have 10 games won and 15 lost games, the difference is -5 and you will get a negative 10% modifier.

What modifier you get based on your Win-Loss difference is shown in more detail here

Win Streak Bonus: This is a new addition to our Leaderboard rating. Now for every 3 game streak or 5 game streak you will receive 40 and 120 Leaderboard Points respectively. You can have multiple streaks.

We added win-streak to have more incentive to winning games whilst still keeping individual performance as a component in the form of IR. We believe based on the data along with the feedback from users that this will result in a much more competitive and fairer leaderboard.

Promotions & Relegations:

In order to progress to the next division, you need to have or achieve the required rank for that division. Your division is locked for the duration of that leaderboard cycle. You can only progress at the beginning of the next cycle when the leaderboard resets.

You will be moved to the lower division at the end of the leaderboard cycle if your rank goes below the basic requirement of a leaderboard division. Relegations are not instant, they can only happen when the next leaderboard cycle kicks in.

Gold Leaderboard Rewards:

Gold Leaderboards now award cash prizes directly to the winners. Here’s the breakdown:

  • First place – ₹5000
  • Second place – ₹3500
  • Third place – ₹1500


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