Just Passing By win King Of The Hill #5 taking down Team Brutality 2-0 in the Grand Finals quite confidently on de_dust2 and de_cache with map scores of 16-9 and 16-11.

After a lackluster performance in the last KOTH where we saw Brutality stage a stunning upset and crown themselves Kings, JPB roared back with a dominating performance not dropping a single map in their entire run.

Powered by Obaid “breAker” Al-Muhair’s monstrous performance with the big green gun, JPB didn’t seem to break a sweat as they handily disposed off teams like tMg, Invictus and Brutality. The lacuna that has been left in the Indian CS:GO scene due to the current absence of most of the ex-players of Elunes and NeckBREAK, was exploited by the Dubai team as they steamrolled the hapless opposition.

With this win, they become the only team to have reclaimed the KOTH title after losing it (the old Elunes line-up being the only team having won 2 in a row); and have virtually thrown down the gauntlet to every team in the sub-continent to dethrone them.

The King is dead, long live the King!

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