You’ve asked for it and we’re only happy to oblige. Retake servers are officially live on your friendly, neighbourhood Spid…er..SoStronk!

Enjoy low var, low ping, no bullsh*t skin plugins retake action!

What Are Retake Servers?

Retake servers are servers on official CS:GO maps, where players are randomly assigned into teams and take turns either retaking or defending a bomb site after the bomb is planted. Spawns are random based on which side you are on.

The full 30 rounds will be played per game, after which a map vote will appear so you can vote on the next map. The action is fast and non-stop. A perfect game mode for pros and casuals alike!

There will be no rank based matchmaking, so it’s first come first serve. However, as always subscribers enjoy a reserved slot.

We will be adding further tweaks and improvements (such as auto team-balance) very soon.

How to play

Just click on the Retake tile on our brand new homescreen (see below) and it’ll take you to the server browser which has all our retake servers filtered. You can alternatively click on server borwser and filter the game modes to find the retake servers.

New App Homescreen

We’ve also done away with the clutter on our App Homescreen and made it much cleaner and functional. We hope you like it as much as we do!

enter a alt img name app home.PNG

Why are you still reading this?! Log into the SoStronk app and check out our retake servers!

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