How to Register yourself and your team on SoStronk :

This pictorial explains the steps involved in registering yourself on SoStronk. You are required to download the SoStronk App to play in this event. If you are not familiar with SoStronk, this tutorial will help you to get started.

This is a two stage registration process :

Stage 1 : Register yourself and create your team on the external website [If required]

Stage 2 : You need to register yourself and your team on SoStronk.

(If you have already completed these two stages, then skip to the final step at the bottom of the page)


Step 01 :

Click on Login/Register link on the top right corner of the page if you don’t already have an account.

enter a alt img name 02 - Register yourself.jpg


Step 02 :

You have 3 methods of registering after you click Login/Register :

  1. Register directly through steam. [Recommended]
  2. Register with your google account. [No verification step]
  3. Create your own alias/username and password for SoStronk.

Important: Alias is case sensitive so please remember the upper and lower case entries while signing in.

enter a alt img name 03 - Registration.jpg


Step 03 :

Congratulations. You are now a registered member on SoStronk. If you are a team captain, please proceed with the rest of the tutorial to create your team on SoStronk.
If you are not a captain, obtain a team invite link from the captain of a team you wish to play with.

[Captains only]
If you are the captain of the team you will have to create your team on SoStronk to enter the tournament.

Click on the arrow besides your username on the top right corner of the screen and in the drop down menu select “Create team” .


Step 04 :

Enter your team details

  1. Alias : Your team’s tag / abbreviation that will appear within the game [In-game team title].
  2. Name : Your actual team name in full.
  3. Description : Some useful information about your team.
  4. Country : Choose the country you represent.
  5. Logo : Express your team though your team logo. Simply upload an appropriate photo.

enter a alt img name 05 - Team Details.jpg


Step 05:

After uploading the logo and cropping it to meet the logo requirements, don’t forget to click ‘Done’ and then click “Create”.

enter a alt img name 06 - Click Done.jpg


Step 06:

Congratulations. This is your team page.

To invite your peers/teammates click on the settings icon.

enter a alt img name 07 - Team Page.jpg


Step 07:

Clicking on the settings button will reveal three buttons. You can edit, delete or invite new players to the team.

Click on ‘Invite’ to get the invitation link.

enter a alt img name 08 - Invite your friends.jpg


Step 08:

Clicking on invite will give you the invitation code. Share this link with your friends and have them click on it AFTER they have registered themselves on SoStronk.

Anyone with this link is authorized to join your team.

enter a alt img name 09 - Invitation Link.jpg


Step 09:

If you have completed all steps correctly, your team page should look something like this.

enter a alt img name 10 - Almost there.jpg


Final Step:

Inform the event staff or the SoStronk staff ( that you have completed both steps of registration. SoStronk admin will then manually add your team to the list of registered participating teams.

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