Redwolf brings us T-Shirts

For all you guys who have been looking at new ways to spend your points on the marketplace, we have started bringing you a lot of goodies. To start with, we have in-house designed T-Shirts that are created and shipped out in partnership with

The Designs

Right now we have started with two simple designs:

  • Denied!
  • One Taps Only

With ‘Denied’ we wanted to start with a simple design that can have multiple meanings within pop-culture therefore empowering gamers to wear them in a host of social situations.

Loved denying that ace by hiding in their base? Well, this one is for all you party poopers.

‘One Taps Only’ is for the more hardcore gamers who want to showcase their true level to their fellow gamer buddies.

Points for T-Shirts

Use your points to buy the purchase T-shirts from our marketplace. Once you place the order, a coupon code will be emailed to you that you can use to get the T-Shirt for free from the Redwolf website. Head to the marketplace now!

Purchasing T-Shirts

You can also directly purchase the T-Shirts from and support our partners who are interested in further creating more merchandising on the eSports front.

Only the beginning

This is only a test launch to see how interested our users are about merchandise. We already have around 14 designs ready to rollout and are also in the process of making designs for badges & mugs. If the interest in buying these T-Shirts is high then we are going to be providing a lot more goodies to all of you.


  • These T-shirts are only to be purchased and redeemed by users from India. As of right now Redwolf is not doing international shipping for these.
  • Quantity is limited to ONE T-Shirt per user.

Any invalid orders will be canceled and points refunded.

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