We’ve listened to your feedback and have a few crucial changes which will positively affect your matchmaking experience on SoStronk.

NOTE: All Ranks will be RESET on 15 February 2018, 0830 IST (UTC+0530)
This is to maximize the impact of the following changes on ranks. Note that your leaderboard ranks will remain same for this month. As usual, your next month leaderboard division will be based on what rank you hold on the first day of that month.

  • Rank changes (both up and down) will happen more frequently
    Pretty self-explanatory. Now you will rank up (or down) much quicker depending on your wins and losses subject to your performance.
  • Ranking calculation is less punishing for a high performing player on the losing team
    If you have hard-carried your team and still lost, your MMR won’t be as affected as the rest of the losing team.
  • Placement games increased to 5 from 3
    If you are a new player, you will have to play 5 games instead of the earlier 3. This will enable us to calibrate your first rank much closer to your actual skill level and in turn improve the matchmaking experience for everyone.
  • Effective MMR of a non-solo party is now skewed towards the highest ranked player (instead of being a simple average of their MMRs)
    If you are in a party, the ‘effective MMR’ of the party will be closer to the highest ranked player in the party to enable more balanced games. Earlier it was a simple average of the ranks in the party
  • 5-man parties will not be matched with solos (up to 10 minutes)
    If you’re going solo and grinding the leaderboards, it will be unlikely for you to get matched against a full 5 man stack. Our matchmaking algorithm will keep trying to find you a game which is not against a 5 man party for upto 10 minutes

Let us know your thoughts on these changes and any feedback or ideas you have in the comments. BeStronk!

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