When we launched ranked matchmaking, we had initially only taken wins & losses into factor for a player’s rank. Over the months, this lead to a scenario where players were getting unintentionally ‘boosted’. This means that players were ranking up despite not contributing enough to the win.

In order to ameliorate this, we have made a substantial change to how ranking up and down on SoStronk works. Going forward your performance in the PUG will affect your rank depending on where you stand.

  • High Performer – If your IR is greater than 1.2 times the average IR of your team (your IR > 1.2 x Avg IR)
  • Performer – If your IR is in between 0.8 and 1.2 times the average team IR (0.8 x Avg IR < your IR < 1.2 x Avg IR)
  • Low Performer – If your IR is lesser than 0.8 times the average IR of your team (your IR < 0.8 x Avg IR)

This results in rank changes being determined by the following factors:

  • The impact you had on the match as an individual
  • Whether your team won or lost the game
  • Ranks of the players your team played against (losing to lower ranked players is punished and winning against higher ranked players is rewarded)

All current ranks will be reset based on this new system.

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