Ping Limiter :

With the current rise of SEA players joining the ranks of daily SoStronk puggers, we have noticed a lot of users have been playing on server sites on which their ping isn’t suitable. After listening to community feedback, we have introduced a feature that will ease some of that high-ping frustration.

SoStronk subscribers will now have the ping limiter option on the PUG lobby screen on the app. Subscribers can now use a slider to adjust their minimum and maximum matchmaking ping. The PUG location will be chosen such that all 10 players get no more than the max ping. For free users this is 110ms and subscribers can choose from 40ms to 150ms.

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Refreshed Tournaments Page :

The tournaments page now has a refreshed UI with tournaments sorted by regions. For now regions are limited to India, South East Asia and Other. Visiting the page will automatically show you tournaments for your region. The tournaments are now divided in three categories :

  • Live
  • Upcoming
  • Done

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Other Changes :

  • Reworked Edit Profile page UI
  • Reworked Edit Team Page UI
  • Edit team now allows you to set Team Roles and in-game roles
  • Edit team also allows you to manage your active line-up

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