SoStronk is excited to announce our partnership with Zowie, a brand by BenQ, and a leading innovator of professional gaming hardware. Starting today, Zowie and SoStronk will be venturing into a 6 month partnership, which provides gamers with an incredible opportunity to participate in some amazing gaming events.

From its inception, SoStronk has designed its platform with competitive gaming in mind, and has worked with the likes of ESL, PGL, DreamHack and a multitude of other leading eSports organisations. SoStronk values the hard work and dedication required by competitive gamers to achieve the top results and has tailored the platform to facilitate this. As such, partnering up with Zowie was an obvious choice, as both share a similar philosophy when it comes to eSports, with an emphasis on quality & substance over everything else.

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Zowie products will be available on the SoStronk Marketplace for gamers to purchase using points that they will earn by playing various games and tournaments. A plethora of Zowie branded mini events, tournaments and weekend cups will be organized so that gamers get a chance to accumulate points and purchase a coveted Zowie product.

Prashant ‘Aequitas’ Prabhakar, CEO of SoStronk: “I have been a long time proponent of the Zowie brand, myself having used Zowie mice since they were first launched. As the CEO of SoStronk, I want to partner with organisations who take eSports and competitive gaming as seriously as we do. With Zowie, I feel SoStronk have found the right partner who share the same vision and goals, and am excited to see what this brings for our users.”

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