We at SoStronk love the Indian eSports community. If that were not the case, we would not have increased the prize pool to ₹1,50,000 or worked with LordNOD to work out timings which would allow the teams to play the matches without having to pick and choose.

We have big plans for the scene and are now taking baby steps so that we do not ever bite off more than we can chew. We have also not engaged with sponsors thus far as we wanted the freedom to do our own thing before promising anything to a third party.

We are also working towards changing the face of the Indian eSports scene at an International level. There is a lot of dogma attached to India in general (I regularly see questions like “Are there gaming cafes in India?” etc.) and the eSports scene in particular and this is NOT going to change without a lot of coordinated effort from a lot of inspired and motivated people.


Personally I am a big fan of KRISSH and his awp. Having been a awper all my life I see the talent in him and always cheer for NB when they are playing. However, we have to treat a matter as sensitive as a VAC ban with great sensitivity.

When we heard the news, we were really disheartened, because we were getting ready to raise the stakes and wanted NECKBREAK to get their payday (as they were the favorites). However, with the tournament just a few days away, we wanted to take a decision that is fair on all parties involved. In fact, we did not do anything that we would have also not done for any other team (tMg included). We did not want to get into the tournament with the integrity of one player in question. Also while we completely understood that a single player’s ban should not affect the entire team, we did not to appear as doing favours to Team NECKBREAK just because they are very well known, etc.

Showing sharp integrity during these times is what will help us in the long run. Sure, NECKBREAK might have lost the opportunity to win a easy ₹15,000 this time around. But at least this way, when they prove their worth in Challenger #2 and KOTH #2 and take home the pot, they would have retained the respect of everyone involved in the scene – starting from the casual gamers, to the matching making kings, of their opponents, and of the organizers (i.e. us).

We value integrity more than anything else. We will refuse to work with partners who show even the slightest quiver in their moral compass. Call us idealistic all you like, but thats simply how we roll.


To summarize, Team NECKBREAK is not banned from SoStronk. They were simply not considered for Challenger #1 because we did not have enough time to figure out the validity of all the claims we are seeing in the wild.

We whole heartedly welcome the team to register and play Challenger #2; and looking at their record they will definitely make it into KOTH #2 as one of the 4 contenders to dethrone the king Team Elunes.

We are in fact perfectly fine with KRISSH playing Challenger #2 if his VAC ban is lifted by VALVE. However, if it is not lifted, we would request him to take a cooldown of 3 months (trust me, it will pass in a heartbeat) and then come back with a vengeance.

Buddy, you have been handed a hard one, and the entire SoStronk team is with you on this. But you have to look at the bigger picture. You want to come back to the scene with the respect you currently have; not without. Try the best to clear your name, but if its not happening, its not the end of the world.


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