After months of sweat, tears, endless discussions, gargantuan lines of code, and broken tables, SoStronk is proud to finally announce the beta launch of our very own custom anti-cheat, codenamed: ODIN.

In Norse mythology Odin famously gave away one of his eyes in exchange for wisdom. He also has two ravens who sit on his shoulder who bring him information from all over Midgard. As such, considering his all knowing and all powerful image, we felt he was perfectly in line with our vision of an anti-cheat.


As this is the beta release of the anti-cheat, starting today, it will be in a limited release phase. Users who have accumulated a high number of reports and/or previously suspected of cheating will be required to have Odin enabled in order to play on SoStronk.

Odin will be an ongoing development, before we roll-out Odin across all our servers and the entire SoStronk platform, we will be fixing bugs and compatibility issues and of course continue making it more robust and powerful. We won’t rest until it’s on par with the best anti-cheats out there, so that you have the peace of mind when you’re playing on SoStronk that you got rekt by a better player and not a filthy cheater.

In the meantime if you face any issues or or have any questions with the anti-cheat do check out our FAQ on the same and you can also post on our forums.

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