SoStronk Next is your opportunity to play with the best CS:GO players in Asia, get noticed and of course win cash prizes!

What is SoStronk Next?

SoStronk Next is an exclusive monthly PUG league for the best players in Asia. The players will only Solo Q, and will play only against each other to see who can top the Next leaderboard by the end of the month.

The leaderboard is decided by the player’s Impact Rating (IR) . Only the top 30 PUGs that a player plays (where he has his highest IR) will be taken into account. For example: If a player plays 100 PUGs in a month, we will consider his top 30 Impact Ratings in those 100 PUGs and take the average it. This average IR of his top 30 PUGs will determine his position in the leaderboard.

A player has to play a minimum of 30 PUGs in a month to be eligible for the Next leaderboard.

Who plays in it?

Only the best of the best. The Next player pool is for established professionals, leading semi-professionals and high potential up-comers. In association with CSGO2ASIA as the primary curator, we have hand picked the top players in the region for the starting pool.

What do they win?

Bragging rights, fame, honour, glory and of course hard, cold cash prizes every month!

How can I play SoStronk Next?

You can qualify to SoStronk Next by topping the Monthly Gold Leaderboard. If you come first in the Gold Leaderboard you qualify directly to Next, and if you come in the top 3 you will be taken into consideration by the player panel.

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