When we started SoStronk Next our goal was to create a high tier environment for the best players in Asia to compete against each other and for up and coming talent to get noticed and nurtured. As such, it has been a learning experience for us over the past 7 months with some hiccups along the way.

In this blog we wanted to explain why we made some of the decisions we made, and what we have planned for Next going forward.

Next Player Guidelines

When a player is invited to or qualifies for Next they are obliged to follow the Next Player Guideline. This is non-negotiable and if a player repeatedly breaks these rules they will be removed permanently.

The guidelines are pretty simple, and can be boiled down to 3 tenets:

  • Respect your teammates & opponents
  • Take each match seriously
  • Communicate in a common language

Due to some players refusing to follow these guidelines, they have been removed from Next. And any players irrespective of how well known they are will be treated the same if they cannot respect these simple rules.

Promotion to Next

We had put a hold on Gold Leaderboard players being promoted to Next for the past 2 months, as we found that the majority of the promoted players refused to either follow the guidelines or were just not Next material.

When promoting players, we keep one simple thing in mind: “Next is for the absolute highest level of CS in Asia.” As such, when there are players who defeat that purpose action had to be taken.

Having said that, for the month of March, we will be promoting the 1st placed players from both the Indian and the SEA leaderboard for a 2 week trial period where the Player Council and SoStronk will review their performance and their conduct in Next.

Merging the Next Leaderboard Regions

The Next Leaderboard was also split into 2 separate leaderboards: One for India and the other for Rest of Asia. This was initially made in order to motivate both regions with substantial prizes for both regions.

Due to the shift in number of SEA players playing now compared to Indian players, it made sense for us to combine both the leaderboards into one Asian leaderboard, where there will be one prize pool and everyone competes for it.

Going forth, from March 2018 onwards, the Next Leaderboards will be merged into just one. May the stronkest win!

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