By playing in SoStronk Next, players are expected to be shining examples of the SoStronk community and ambassadors of the region. As such we have certain rules and guidelines in place to not just maintain a healthy, respectful and competitive environment in SoStronk Next.

It’s pretty simple, take it seriously. Everyone in Next is here to play with and against the best in Asia, and as such a certain level of seriousness is expected. Have fun and some shenanigans are of course allowed, but don’t lose sight of the objective of Next: to play the best, serious CS in Asia.

Respect: Respect your teammates and opponents. You have all been carefully curated and chosen to be a part of this exclusive pool of the best players in Asia.

Communication: Players should communicate with each other properly. We understand that Next has players from various countries, but everyone is expected to attempt their best to communicate properly. If you have 3-4 teammates from your own country and you start speaking in your own local language, ignoring the other players, you will be penalized and even removed from Next.

Due to the lack of a common language apart from ENGLISH in Asia, it is highly recommended that any communication relating to the game be done in English only. Not at your convenience, or when you feel like it, but at all times while in the server.

Leaving: If a player is leaving matches and it is found out that they are doing so on purpose for whatever reasons they will be removed from Next. If you have unstable internet/power, do not queue for a game. You are ruining it for everyone else.

Queue Dodging: Purposely not accepting a match because your teammate didn’t get the same game or you want to avoid playing with/against certain players, or for any other reason, will be penalized and can be lead to removal from Next.

Griefing: Purposely inflicting damage to teammates, being disruptive, abusing verbally or via text, etc will not be tolerated. Players found griefing will be removed from Next.

Ghosting: Players conveying information to another player on the opposite team or joining a voice channel containing players from an opposing team is strictly prohibited.

Those found to be in violation of the above policies and guidelines are subject to removal from Next and possibly banned permanently from Next. If you notice any Next players violating any of the above rules & guidelines, you can message the Admins or SoStronk Staff directly on the discord channel or/and bring it up with the players in the Player Council.

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