With the dawn of the new year, SoStronk is pleased to announce its expansion into the Middle-East starting with the GCC countries.

Long has the region awaited a platform where players can enjoy low latencies and get headshots without having to compensate for the lag. SoStronk is answering that call by launching its services in UAE. Download the app here and sign up for free to enjoy the following services on our 128 tick servers:


  • Solo or party queue
  • Skill based matchmaking


  • Play against other teams on our platform
  • Schedule games conveniently
  • Analyze your game with advanced statistics


  • 1v1 Aim duels (Arena server, coming soon)
  • Dry run Set Smokes and Pop Flashes
  • Dry run strats with teammates
  • Retake (coming soon)


  • Regular Free For All (FFA)
  • Pistol Only DM/HSDM
  • HS Only Deathmatch

Skill Events

  • Short, FFA daily challenges with a unique flavour every day.

Marketplace and Leaderboards

  • Earn SoStronk points by playing PLAY PUGs, winning events and topping leaderboards, etc.
  • Redeem the points earned on our marketplace for skins (and other goodies coming soon)

Tournament organizers – Please shoot us an email at bau@sostronk.com to use our platform. With an established track record of having hosted more than 50 tournaments on our platform in 2016, including prestigious ones such as PGL Asia Minor qualifiers and DreamHack Winter Asia Qualifier, we are the first choice for any CS:GO event in Asia.

What are you waiting for? Head to www.sostronk.com/app to register, download the app, and play for free!

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