I am writing this letter as the CEO of SoStronk to hopefully make everyone understand the decision-making process behind going from discounted 99 Rs model to the token model. I want to hopefully explain why this was the best move we could make for the sake of the community and also for the sake of SoStronk.

While it seems that some of you are unhappy with our decision to move from a freemium model to a fully paid subscription model, we are constrained to do that for sustaining the viability of SoStronk, and to enhance your experience as a counter strike player.

Our Story So Far

Let me start from the beginning. This company was started by passionate counter-strike enthusiasts. When we were your age and we were playing in India, we realized there was a crying need for a platform for players to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level possible, unfortunately that never happened in our times and we gave up and moved on with our lives – pursuing our careers.

Fast forward 5 years later and seeing how CSGO had captivated the scene and brought a new life to the game we all loved and lived. We thought this was the right time to provide an ecosystem for upcoming Counter Strike players. SoStronk was born out of this dream.

SoStronk has been the main CS platform in this country for many years now, we run all your tournaments (over 80% of all CS tournaments in the past 3 years in India both online and offline), we bring tournaments into the country, we advise pro players and teams and some of us also coach them.

Why We Went To A Subscription Only Model?

We are not some rich platform company with fancy offices and millions in the bank, we are a tiny startup working out of co-working spaces trying to stay alive and do something we love. We simply can’t keep our services free but we can try our best to give a system that is as pro-gamer and as cheap as possible. It is not easy in India to raise millions for esports let alone PC esports, trust me I have tried.

At this point in time it has become a matter of sustainability. Can we keep this counter-strike ecosystem alive and thriving? We had a tough decision on our hands. We had to go full paid, it was the only way for us to stay alive long enough to make the changes we want to and keep developing features that all of you want (Including anti-cheat).

There is a reason none of the other major platforms have launched into India yet because the server and bandwidth cost here is almost 2-3x that of other places and the willingness to spend online is much much lower. A lot of other platforms have abandoned this market years back, we stuck around because we believe in the potential of the future and because we are idealists and passionate fools at the end of the day.

How Tokens Help

We opted for the best solution in these hard times which was tokens. We tried to ensure that we do not go full premium and this is where the token model came from, the idea was to still give packages as cheap as Rs 99 or give users the ability to just play games by buying tokens really cheap from the marketplace.

What Happens To Our Existing Subscribers?

All players who were subscribed to SoStronk before 15 August:

  • Have been moved to the Pro plan automatically
  • Will receive supply drops every month till their existing subscription expires
  • Lifetime users are moved to Elite plan which will auto-renew every month for free

Why The Limits?

Elite Subscription is going Unlimited this week based on user feedback. Yes the 99 Rs plan is not unlimited anymore BUT the tokens still allow you to play 30 PUGs (which according to our data was 68% of all your monthly activity averages) at the previous discounted price of Rs 99. The current system still allows you to play for as little as Rs 15 through tokens, or points, which wasn’t possible before.

I hope I have been able to convey the rationale behind this change in subscription model and I hope that you will support us. We on our part will strive to bring about continuous improvements to our platform based on the feedback that we get from our vocal and passionate community on a daily basis.

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