We have been listening to feedback, looking at the problems in the existing leaderboard system as well as planning for the very near future. With that in mind, we are very proud to announce leaderboards 2.0. We hope to address the following problems:

Leaderboard 2.0

Problem Leaderboards activity slowly diminishing as the prize distribution was very low and only to a select few top users.

A. FREE LEADERBOARDS Now, all free users who are actively playing in matchmaking can win subscription and now we are doing it by percentile distribution of prizes (10% and not just top 3). For e.g. if there are 100 active gamers in the free leaderboard then the top 10 of them earn subscription, if there are 200 active gamers then the top 20 will earn subscription.

Problem Our subscribers wanted more perks to value the subscription.

A. PREMIUM LEADERBOARDS Now only subscribers can participate in the premium leaderboards and earn points. The points pool will also slowly increase as the leaderboard activity increases. Similar to above, we are doing a percentile distribution (10%) for winners and not just top 3.

Problem There was no distinguished pool of elite level matchmaking and a road to the top for emerging talents.


  • Yes, we have heard your screams for a system like Rank-S/FPL. Guess what? We have been working on it internally for our next big release. This leaderboard change is the first step in that direction. Very soon, the best of the best gamers in the country will be verified and invited to this division.
  • This division will not be played for subscription or points – the winners will get cold hard cash. Every month! Release of SoStronk X is also just around the corner.
  • With SoStronk X coming into the picture – we also finally create a funnel for emerging talents to climb all the way from the Free leaderboards to Premium and eventually be a part of the elite in India/Asia in the form of SoStronk X.

Best version of Impact Rating


On a side note, for all of you who have been watching the major qualifier that is currently happening on the SoStronk system – you will notice vastly different IR values than what you see on your own PUG/MATCH pages. This is because for the major qualifier & the major we have been internally revising IR and making it way more sophisticated – with incredible feedback from Pro’s as well as top notch analysts.

Now IR is normalized and therefore any future changes in IR will only improve the accuracy of the IR but not change the range of it drastically. From this point on just to give you guys a rough idea of what is a good or a bad IR.

Average IR = 1.0

Good IR = 1.25 and above

Hard Carry = 1.5 and above

OMG-REPORTED! = 2.0 and above

A Infographic about the Cake IR

New Cake IR

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