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New year, new leaderboard. Ever since we launched the leaderboard system for our users, we have been observing and taking notes as to what to improve and fix.

After reviewing the collected data and discussing internally, we have modified the way the SoStronk leaderboards work.

Going forth, your standings on the leaderboard will be determined by your Leaderboard Rating. What does this mean? It means your Impact Rating as well as your Win Loss ratio will both count towards your position on the leaderboard.

What is the Leaderboard Rating?

The Leaderboard Rating is comprised of two components:
Leaderboard Rating = Impact Rating x Win/Loss Modifier

Impact Rating: This remains the same. Your top 30 Impact Rating games of the month are counted.

Win/Loss Modifier: The modifier is difference between the number of games you’ve won and lost. The difference amount will decide how much of a modifier you get.

For example: If you have 50 Won games and 30 Lost games, the difference is 20, which means you get a positive 50% modifier. However, if you have 10 games won and 15 lost games, the difference is -5 and you will get a negative 10% modifier.

What modifier you get based on your Win-Loss difference is shown below:

enter a alt img name Info Leaderboard 3.png

TL;DR: Just your Impact Rating won’t help you top the LeaderBoard. You got to win more as well. Wins and Losses matter now.

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