‘Tis the season to be merry, and what a better way to kick off the holidays other than some new updates and announcements!

We have a slew of changes lined up as the new year approaches. We hope this will improve your experience playing on SoStronk. So without wasting any time, let’s get into it!

Non-Accept Cooldown

You know how it is. You’ve been waiting for a game for a while and it’s 9/10 accepts and that one $%^& doesn’t press accept and you’re back to searching. To reduce your hair loss from pulling your hair out from frustration, we have introduced accept cooldowns.

From now, anyone who doesn’t press accept after a match has been found will face a separate stacked cooldown. It won’t be as harsh as a disconnect cooldown, but will be enough to stop serial offenders and queue dodgers.

Not accepting for the 1st time leads to a 5 minute Search cooldown, 2nd leads to 10 minutes and finally peaks at 15 minutes for the 3rd offense onwards. [THIS WILL BE LIVE 27/12/2017]

New Leaderboard Eligibility

Going forth, in order for your PUG to be eligible in the leaderboard, you will either have to play solo or with max of 2 players (duos). Any stack with 3 or more players, will not have their Impact Rating for that game counted towards the leaderboards.

You can still play with a full lobby or with your friends, but those PUGs will not count towards the leaderboard.

This is in order to minimize stacking and leaderboard manipulation by certain dastardly individuals, and will go live from the 1st of January 2018.

Leaderboard Changes

On the leaderboard, for those who get the 4th position and below, the points awarded be a maximum of half of the 3rd place prize. This applies to both Gold and Silver leaderboards.

Also , leaderboards will now end one day before the last day of the month. How much time is remaining for the leaderboards every month can be seen on the countdown timer which is visible on leaderboards page.

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We have many more updates planned for you over the holidays. Until then, happy holidays and #BeStronk!!!

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