“The King left none living, none able to tell,
The King took their heads and he sent them to hell.
Their screams echoed loud in the place of their death.
Ripped open they died. With their final breath.”

The King is dead. Long live the King.

The Chinese juggernauts, CyberZEN are the new King of the Hill – Asia sponsored by Kinguin, dethroning Skyred with a devastating onslaught of raw fire-power and surgical executes. Having dropped just a single map in the 5 BO3’s they played to reach the Grand Finals, they made mince meat of the Vietnamese powerhouse taking the final BO5 Series 3-1. The scores of the final match-up can be found here.

Winning both the Challenger Asia #1 and KOTH Asia #2 they win themselves a total of $5500 and of course boasting rights to be called the Kings until a new challenger arrives.

With this we at SoStronk bid adieu to 2015, but stay tuned for some epic announcements coming out very very soon!

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